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Add a little confetti to each day.....

Those of you who know me, know I'm a flower lover. For those of you who follow me on instagram you'll have have noticed there are very few pics without flowers or some sort of floral detail. When I doodle, I draw flowers. I have dreamt about owning my own florist but as I know nothing about flower arranging I think I'll leave that on the back burner.

I just love flowers, what lady doesn't?! So when a photographer I follow on instagram posted a family portrait at The Real Confetti Co., and I saw they were opening it to the public for a short time, I was desperate to go and take some shots for myself.

Situated in the small Worcestershire village of Wick, this floral field is a must for all to see. There's a little cafe where you can sit on bales of hay and enjoy a cup of tea with loved ones. You can also buy their hand picked confetti. For only £2.50 entry I think it's a lovely way to spend a warm Summer's day and help a local farmer/ business to continue to do what they're passionate about. But hurry, it's only open until Sunday.

There were just too many photo opportunities to be had. Below are a few photos I took yesterday for your perusal.

Happy Floral Friday!

by Emma Jane x

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