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by emma jane-3.jpg

I’m Emma, a personal branding photographer based in Worcestershire.

I help female entrepreneurs feel confident in front of the camera so they can tell their story and grow their dream business.


Having managed a small family run fashion boutique and beauty salon for 6 years, I know how much it means to women to feel good about themselves and to have a safe space where they can relax and just be. 

I understand the determination and courage needed in order to run your own business. To stand up for something you believe in and work hard to make it happen is no mean feat. 

I also know how easy it is to hide behind your business rather than being at the forefront. It's  something I struggle with too. When that imposter syndrome creeps in it can be really hard to fight it off.


My aim is to help as many passionate business owners as possible to feel confident and proud whilst continuously showing up for themselves and being the face of their business.

Hopefully with my creative eye and your amazing business we can work wonders to create a bank of imagery that reflects the real you in order for you to become more confident and more visible.




A few facts about me:

 Over the last 2 years I have started to grow my own cut flower garden, mainly Dahlias, and I'm hooked! I love nothing more than giving a freshly cut bunch of flowers form my very own garden to someone.


I'm a tea drinker and biscuit dunker.

I'm inspired by nature and would love to set up my own florist even though I know nothing about floristry :)

I'm a converted dog lover. I had a fear of dogs as a young girl until we got Barney 6 years ago. 

I'm a Mum to our little boy Oscar and wife to Rob. So technically I have three boys to look after!

I've always been creative which is why I often have to pinch myself as I know how lucky I am to be able to carve a career for myself in something that I love, photography. 

My family on a walk amongst the bluebells May 2023
My garden- Evanah looking ready to pick 

My How

My Grandfather loved photography and had his own black and white dark room. My Gran constantly took photos of our family wherever we went.

There are countless photos of us all throughout our lives and any milestone was the perfect opportunity for Gran to get her camera out. She captured it all and they are still in albums with their own captions so she remembered every event. 

For my 14th birthday they gave me my first Olympus compact camera and needless to say my photography skills were not great.

When I went off to do my Art Foundation course I had it in my mind that I wanted to become an interior designer, but after doing one module in photography I was hooked and then before I knew it I graduated from university with a Bachelors degree in Photojournalism. 

However, I didn't continue with photography as a career after my degree, it became more of a hobby.  I worked in retail for a while before jetting off to travel and live in New Zealand. I returned to the UK and managed a fashion boutique for 6 years and then came full circle and started my photography business up in 2017.


Granny with my Uncle


my Mum in the buggy

The man himself, doing what he loved

My Why

For me it's all about my subject, you!

I love to meet people who have turned their passion into a business.

I understand that whatever your creative business, you are striving to offer your customers quality products and services.

However, I also understand:

  • what it's like to be an introvert whilst running your own business and trying to overcome the anxiety of showing up for yourself and your business. 

  • the battles faced when worrying about what others might think or whether you feel good enough to be doing what you're doing.

  • that uncomfortable feeling as you try to push yourself out of your comfort zone. 

It can all feel so overwhelming. 

Once you've taken that leap of faith to contact me about your branding photoshoot, I want you to know that I will be there every step of the way to make sure you feel comfortable, confident and happy when it comes to the day we photograph your business you've so lovingly created. 

I believe that local and independent businesses are at the heart of every community, and you as a business owner are part of that. I’m a strong believer that you play a key part in giving a village or town its identity.

My personal experience of managing an independent fashion boutique has given me an understanding of why it’s important for independent businesses to present a unique customer service or product. It also gave me an insight to how damn hard you work to turn your vision into a reality. 


This is why I’m so passionate about giving entrepreneurs a voice through the use of my images. I love telling the story of devoted business owners to help you to stand out from the crowd. 

3 ways we can work together

Take a look at the different ways we can work together from coming along to one of my popular headshot events to capturing all the details over a full day's shoot

dahlia dreams-12.jpg

20 minute Headshot shoot

Looking to update your headshot or get a taster of what it's like to be infront of the camera?

Then my popular Headshot event could be for you

cosmos dahlia-10 (1)_edited.jpg

2-3 hour photoshoot

A half day shoot in one location might be what you're looking for. This package includes headshots, details and storytelling. 

dahlia dreams-27 (1).jpg

4-6 hour photoshoot

Looking for a couple of locations and wanting numerous outfit changes to create a large bank of image content? Then a full day's shoot might be what you're after

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