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Aim High!

Choosing to educate your child outside the state system and national curriculum may seem like a daunting prospect for a lot of parents. However, home- schooling is becoming more and more popular and, with teachers like Joel, more accessible.

Joel has had a wonderful teaching career from working as a respite worker for children with profound and multiple learning difficulties to teaching Year 6 classes. He decided to take the leap from being a teacher in the state system to running his own home- schooling business a few years ago.

Back in January I got to see Joel's amazing teaching skills first hand when he asked me to come and do a branding shoot for him during one of his classes. He has such passion for teaching and an amazing ability to ensure he gets the best out of each student and, above all, he believes in them. His enthusiasm for helping children learn, developing their knowledge in Math and English, and watching them achieve is incredible.

Based in Solihull, he has had his own classroom built in his back garden which is equipped with everything a teacher needs to run a professional schooling business. If home- schooling is something you want to explore and look into further take a look at Joel's website

More images from his shoot below.

by Emma Jane x

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