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New beginnings.


I've started my own photography business. Being a Photographer is not something I thought I would ever have the opportunity to do professionally, but with lots of positive feedback and encouragement from my partner (Rob), Mum, family and friends, it's finally happening! I'm excited and terrified, in a good way, as this new chapter begins.

How did I get to here? Photography has always been a hobby that I am hugely passionate about. I have a number of budding photographers in my family including my Grandfather with whom I would help in his dark room using the traditional processing methods. I then went on to study Photojournalism where I received my bachelor's degree. Since then I have traveled to the other side of the globe, lived in New Zealand and worked in fashion and beauty.

Over the past 12 months I have had a few curve balls thrown in my direction. The real turning point for me was when my Father fell seriously ill with a life changing illness and, as well as other things going on in the background, the pressure all became too much and I had to make the hard decision to leave a job I loved in the fashion and beauty industry. This, for me, was a massive learning curve. It was the sudden realisation that health really is your wealth, and with that I have taken some much needed time out.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time off and spent it catching up with friends and family, going to yoga and increasingly focused on my photography. With the help of a super talented and dear friend, Craig (a.k.a Doug) who has designed my branding and a vision for my business, I've started to turn a pipe dream in to a reality and built a client base, albeit small at the moment.

I am hopeful that this year is going to bring many exciting opportunities my way for which I'm now ready and focused.

So, here's to new beginnings....

by Emma Jane xxx

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