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Branding photoshoot with Hobbz Designs

Have I ever mentioned that I love what I do?!! Being a brand photographer means I get to work with some truly inspiring and creative women.

My shoot with the lovely Rachel from Hobbz Designs was amazing!

This lady is super creative and so talented. Initially we got carried away with talking about plants and gardening. Then I remembered I was there to do a photoshoot.

Inspired by her love of nature and gardening, Rachel’s artwork is really beautiful and unusual. Using felt and embroidery she creates intricate and colourful scenes that you can hang on your wall.

With Mother’s Day coming up they’d make lovely gifts. If you’re buying gifts for Mother’s Day, or any other occasion, please think about supporting small businesses.

When you buy from a small business, you’ll get something original, something that’s been hand made with love and care, and more often than not it will be beautifully packaged (I’m a sucker for good packaging).

Better stop there before I get on my soapbox about supporting small!

Anyway, give this lady a follow on instagram @hobbzdesigns

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