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Barney, Hunter and the bluebells

Those of you who know me, and follow my instagram account, will know I'm a bit of a flower lover. I always have been. When I was little I used to draw flowers from my grandparents garden, my Gran and Grandad were both very green fingered and had the most colourful and stunning garden. When I doodle, I doodle flowers and I also love to photograph them. So when I hear of a bluebell walk, that's it, Barney and I are off!

Here is a collection of images from the Clent Hills and Hurcott Woods. I'm not sure my images do them justice, but the Clent Hills was such a spectacular sight. I've never seen so many bluebells. The woods were carpeted in this blue hue throughout and the further I went the better it got.

Take a look if you will and apologies for the numerous dog pics too. Barney and Hunter just love their little walking adventures and I can't resist a shot, or two :)

Have a lovely day everyone!

by Emma Jane x

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