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A day in the life of a Personal Chef

 Wouldn't it be lovely to have a gourmet chef come and cook the most delicious food for you in your very own kitchen? Or how do you fancy having someone take away all the hassle of cooking for a large group of people? Well meet Susie, and she does just that!

I met this talented lady for a coffee a few weeks ago after being in touch with one another through instagram and we talked about plans to do some work together.

A week later we went to a networking event where we met Beth, a stylist and fashion writer. She suggested we could use a space in her home to do a shoot, and so we did.

Last Friday was spent dressing Beth's table, Susie preparing some awesome food, me photographing it, Beth instagramming it and then all three of us eating said food and drinking the champagne :) It's a hard life!

Susie's career spans over 2 decades. Having worked as a chef and head chef in many kitchens and leading restaurants she has oodles of knowledge and experience.  Two years ago she had her little boy, Bobby, and that's when she decided to start up her own business, Artisan Epicurean.

So how does it work? Susie will plan everything for you. She will create a bespoke menu looking at the type of celebration/budget/seasonal food. She'll dress your table and make it look A M A Z I N G! She'll then cook some delicious dishes, serve your food and even clean your kitchen afterwards! What more could you possibly ask for?! So if you have a special celebration coming up or just fancy getting a bunch of your favourite people around your table, then contact this lovely lady via her website, Artisan Epicurean or give her a follow on instagram @artisan_epicurean

Happy Wednesday evening!

by Emma Jane 

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