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A day in the life of a potter. Anna's story.

Meet Anna. This lovely lady is not only an inspiration and very talented, she's one of my very good friends from uni. I have so many fond memories with this one during our uni days, all we seemed to do was make each other laugh. We were big fans of The OC and used to spend Sunday mornings watching T4 whilst demolishing packet(s) of biscuits with numerous cups of tea.

Anna initially started studying a degree in photography with me, until she had to undergo vigorous treatment for an aggressive and rare type of cancer. I always admired how strong and positive she was throughout it all. She is made of pretty resilient stuff and despite her illness she insisted on coming back to uni and went on to finish her degree at the same time as me, but in Fine Arts.

10 years after graduating (eek! I can't believe we graduated 10 years ago), alongside working full time, Anna is training to become a yoga teacher, continues to make pottery from her Grandfather's shed and also teaches pottery classes.

Her work is stunning. Using Crystalline and stoneware glazes for her pottery pieces, she has made many gifts and favors for weddings, and bespoke pieces. After discussing what she'd like to do with her work, I'm hoping one day she'll put on an exhibition.

Take a look at photos of her pottery business below.

by Emma Jane x

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