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A day in the life of a Print Maker

I had a wonderful day with Amy Jane in her studio, Ink on Paper Press, a couple of weeks ago. She showed me the art of printmaking, we had a yummy lunch and I got to meet her new kitten.

Amy-Jane is a Fine Art Print Maker who has achieved so much since she graduated. She has worked on in-house editions for other artists, supports print making sessions at Rabley Drawing Centre, she's won The Flourish Award 2016 & Intaglio Printmaker Prize, and is looking forward to putting on her own Exhibition in October.

Establishing her studio in 2014, Amy-Jane now has the space and time to create her own master pieces, whilst being the main editioning studio for other artists like Emma Stibbon RA.

I was blown away by her studio(s). Situated on a working farm she has 2 workshops in the farm's outhouses, and a train carriage to work from. It really is a unique and inspiring workplace in the Wiltshire countryside.

This talented lady is one artist to look out for and has a very bright future ahead.

by Emma Jane x

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